Feel like you don't know the next step to make your career change happen?
The path to your dream career is only a roadmap away
The biggest challenge with changing careers....
Not being clear on what you want and how to achieve it
You know that the career you're in today isn't hitting the mark. You don't have the fulfillment, the freedom, maybe even the appreciation you desire.

What you're craving is to have a career that gives you a sense of purpose. 

One that you look forward to working in because you feel like you're making an impact bigger than yourself. One in which your possibilities are limitless and you have control in creating your success.

You dream career may feels distant, perhaps because you've been waiting for it to magically appear to you, or you've been "waiting for the right opportunity." 

Maybe you just don't know what that dream career should be, and time has ticked away while you struggled to figure it out.
Can you afford to not have a plan?
With all certainty, obstacles will meet you at your door on your road to make a career change...
You may need to re-focus your attention on a new home, new baby, caring for a loved one. It's easy for life moments to grab our attention and we never get it back to the other things that are also important to us.

Time is ticking everyday, and you feel it intensely when your stuck with 8-10 hours of your day working at a job that does nothing for your spirit and greater purpose. Information you find that promisies over night career change, or guranteeed happiness in a certain career fall flat when you haven't figured out what you want and need on the other side of your dream.

I've been there, having to figure out how I re-build and figure out what success looks like plus how I make the money to support my family after facing a job elimination!
But there's a secret to getting to your career goals....
I discovered a way that you can navigate the obstacles, clear the road, and pave an intentional path to your dream career.

The solution is in the planning! I know the solution well because it is the result of the tumultuous time I spent several years ago in a dark period having lost my job while being the primary bread winner, suffering a bruised ego, and being force to answer "what do I want to do with my life?" 

From that ugly place, devising and setting a plan in motion got me to where I am today.

I'm on a mission to help others like you who want to make a career change. The tools and strategies you need to grab your dream career and get your bigger than life impact in motion are at your fingertips!
I've had career change highs and lows in pursuit of fulfillment...
I celebrate the highs but appreciate with all sincerity the lows...
Several years ago when I had to decide what my next career move would be all I was thinking about were titles. I wanted to work as a "Marketing Manager." Title and department, that was as deep as I went. 

Believe it or not, I thought that was enough, and that I was being "targeted and focused."

When job interviews for the titles/departments I was looking for weren't panning out, I was very frustrated, felt hopeless, and even a since of pressure as the clock was ticking for me.

I had a mentor at the time that helped me pause to reflect on what really made me happy in the work I did. 

Everything we arrived at, allowed me to create a plan that sure enough brought me the fulfillment I was looking for, and allowed me to be more in control and calculated on the career chase. 
I'm Candace Spears...
I’ve decided that where I’ve been with my 12+ years in Corporate America and the success and fear I’ve had in making career changes is important to share with others. 

I have taught and coached the Agile mindset and Lean Startup principles to 600 plus professionals, across three multi-billion dollar companies, including GE. I've helped employees re-think the work they do, and their approach, to deliver value faster.

My mission is to help people stop wasting the precious time we have at careers that do nothing to fulfill us or add to our lives, and shooter for greater value...greater impact! 

Imagine what life would be like if you knew you had a plan to get to a career that brought you extreme excitement...
 You could begin to ease the stress of your current career situation knowing that a better life was ahead.

You could know that the action steps you were taking were calculated and would lead you to the next opportunity.

You could be bold in your words and actions to declare what you want and need from people, because you're focused on achieving your goals.

You could have peace of mind and child like excitement for the future all without having to waste time being fearful of making the wrong move. And without wasting money, learning about new skills or career paths, that may not truly fulfill you in the end.

The frustration levels go down and the happiness meter begins to rise when you have a plan.
So if you're ready, here's the answer....
The Fulfilling Career Roadmap Bundle
The roadmap builder, and supporting cast that will help you lay out your plan to jump into your dream career and impact this world in the way you desire.
Here's everything you'll get with this offer...
The Fulfilling Career Roadmap 
Month by month, week by week guided planning based on what you've learned should be your "ultimate career impact." 

This roadmap will give you the guidebook, and order your actions toward your dream career path. You're guranteed to uncover areas of opportunity as you navigate through this.
Purpose Discovery Resource Kit
A collection of articles, podcasts, online resources such as personality tests, and even books, to let you deeply explore your purposes. 

This kit let's you dig deep in understanding your purpose before identifying your "ultimate career impact."
"5 Signs You've Found your True Calling" Companion Sheet
Get 5 core signs that you have found the right calling in this companion cheat sheet.

 Use this as a way to validate that the "ultimate career impact" you plan to make is the right one for you! 
I'll also give you an amazing BONUS. It's especially awesome if you see entrepreneurship as part of your future career plan!
 BONUS: Employee to Entrepreneur Career Prep Guide 
Is entrepreneurship part of your dream career?
This guide gives tips to consider if being an entrepreneur is a part of your plan.

There are things that you can work into your roadmap now to prepare and seize every opportunity to run your own operation and this guide brings them to the forefront!
A clear way to determine your dream career, and build a path to it is accessible to you now. All of these items together are valued at over $147 and is going to set you on course to make the career change you desire.
Get started toward your dream now. 
this is A
limited time offer!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you follow the instructions and put in the work, I'm confident you'll get results. So confident, that if you don't see results, just send in your completed roadmap and I'll refund your money. NO Risk! Just reward.
The change you want to make is close....
You're holding the keys to your next step
I've used a plan to get where I am today on my bigger impact journey and the time is now for you push down the road too. This offer won't last forever so take advantage while you can.

Remember, the path to your dream career is one roadmap away...

-Candace Spears
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • ​The Fulfilling Career Roadmap ($67 Value)
  • ​Purpose Discovery Resource Kit ($40 Value)
  • ​"5 Signs..Found Your True Calling," Comp. Sheet ($15 Value)
  • BONUS: Employee to Entrepreneur Prep Guide ($25 Value)
Total Value: $147
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $37
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